Corporate Design

A long-term concept

The development of business and society is determined by three central trends: technological development, globalisation, and virtualisation.
When developing a corporate design, it is necessary to take these factors and influences into account. But what do you do when trends change? Must every change in trends be followed by a change to corporate design? Not necessarily! Corporate design is a long-term concept which accompanies a firm on a permanent basis.


Over the years the corporate image must undoubtedly be governed by the change in its image – when trends become standards, if not earlier, then it is time for action. In this process the decisive factor is to retain the basic lines of a corporate identity without losing sight of the fundamental model.

Service portfolio:

  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Design and marketing concept
  • Brand development
  • Corporate design manual

Factors to be considered:

  • Increasing competition
  • More critical consumers keeping straight on
  • Similar products and services
  • Changes in statutory regulations
  • Changes in social awareness
  • The “spirit of the age”
  • Internal change
  • Generation change
  • Company merger
  • IPO, privatisation
  • Start-up
  • New media channels