Designing publicity

To open up markets, advertising is the central marketing tool

If you look around in the advertising landscape, you will soon see that many companies approach their advertising neither holistically nor very systematically. Yet it costs plenty of money in the process, without knowing which campaigns worked in a concrete way.
If you know your market and target group well and invest in a targeted way, you can use credibility-building advertising concepts to gain new customers, keep existing ones, and generate growth.


That is why a successful advertising concept consists always of the following elements:

+Situation analysis

Market and environmental factors
Products and services
Purchasers and purchasing habits
Previous campaigns


Product benefit (USP)
Publicity advantage from buyers’ view (UAP)
Image, overall experience

+Copy strategy

Target group at buyer’s level
Advertising objectives
Strategy approach
Tonality and style

+Media strategy

Strategic approach
Media target group
Media objective
Advertising period
Campaign territory
Inter-media comparison
Media mix
Advertising-media definition
Campaign planning and dates

+The budget

Budget planning
Cost control
Return on investment



+Our thinking is networked and future-led – as you wish it. Our design services comprise:

Visual branding
Digital branding
Internet + app designs
Audio branding