Flat to Material Design

Flat Design has picked up speed over the past one to two years and will stay with us in 2015 with minimalist forms and clear, high-contrast colors. What Google has recently introduced as a material design could mean the next evolution of flat design. Google’s material design relies on a flat design and expands it to subtle gradients, layers and animation but without affecting the actual flat design aesthetic.

Due to the frequent problem that simultaneously a good usability was not always necessary, it was further necessary to develop flat design. Buttons are often not recognized as a clickable item. For example, TUI (the tour operator) returned after a few weeks to a complete redesign in flat design back to a “nearly-flat-design”. This suggests that flat design’s not always sold well.


Conclusion: We still need large colorful notes to recognize that there’s an offer!
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“The product is accessible if all people – regardless of their abilities – are able to navigate to their destination page, understand and know how to use. A truly successful product is accessible to the widest possible audience.“

Google Inc.