Industry 4.0 – ready for the Smart Factory?

Industry 4.0 – the high-tech strategy of the federal government is, at least since Hannover Fair in 2011 on everyone’s lips, was a large topic in the current Hannover Fair 2015 and is considered of primary importance for industry in Germany.

However, how can the vision of Smart Factories realize to react flexibly to new requirements, use resources efficiently while optimizing communication with customers and partners?

In any case it’s clear – companies that want to implement industry 4.0 can only realize this sustainable if they rethink to automate and integrate their document management.

That requires an ECM system. But data of BITCOM show that not even every third midsize company in Germany works with a document- or content management system. Although the leaders are well aware of the benefits of such systems.

Bearing in mind that only production and product-related documents have a storage duty of forty years, an IT-based solution is essential because it is the only way to centralize information, combined in a small space and make them available for re-access.

So far only about seven percent of the companies in certain business areas implement the appropriate IT solutions. These are however mainly stand-alone solutions, which in turn prevent a transparent overview, the necessary knowledge transfer as well as a reliable data merge.

For the implementation of industry 4.0 it needs first of all a basis, to be ready for only a glance in the direction of Smart Factory.

Industry 4.0 can only be fully exploited  if the necessary basis is already in place. With pleasure we assist you in implementing – please contact us!


“Who wants to build high towers must dwell long upon the grounding”

(Anton Bruckner, Austrian composer)