Glocalisation & datability –
what drives PlanetCreativ:

In the present day everything which takes place in the world is of local and regional and concurrently of global and cross-regional importance. It is not only trans-national corporations that must act internationally to keep competitive; SMEs, too, are increasingly committed to global markets. So, in all strategy developments, global and cross-regional aspects are just as important as the local and regional reference. To survive amid the competition, companies are therefore forced to take “local” peculiarities into account.
For this reason, all the work which we carry out is analysed and performed from these points of view.
“Without software the hardware won’t work” – Gabler Wirtschaftsmagazin. To keep your hardware in working order…

Digital security
World-wide networking is bringing a further important subject to increasing notice in the media – datability. This means in general the ability to use large amounts of data at high speed responsibly and sustainably.
When it comes to responsible, careful handling of data, we do not need this word. We have been acutely aware of this aspect ever since the firm was founded and integrate it into our work on a daily basis.


PlanetCreativ was founded in 2001 by André Heller and Victoria von Wachtel. With over 300 projects successfully completed, PlanetCreativ is one of the long-established companies in the industry.