Online Marketing

Goal and budget oriented

A professional internet site is the foundation on which successful online marketing is built. There, and on applicable landing pages, your customers need to find exactly the products and services to which their attention has been drawn by means of other marketing tools. Effective campaigns are developed, realised, managed and evaluated in a goal and budget oriented way. It is on the trial-and-error method that the parameters for success are set in the shortest way for sales generation.


Touchpoint chains – following them both online and offline and evaluating the individual touchpoints – will be one of the trends of the next few years. Google has taken the first steps with its Universal Analytics. This change makes it also possible to measure details for marketing.

Our portfolio:

  • SEO and SEA campaigns
  • Affiliate advertisement
  • Online video advertising
  • Targeted advertising
  • Location-based advertising
  • Real-time campaigning
  • Banner advertising
  • Social media
  • Couponing
  • Newsletter marketing
  • Conversion optimisation