Risk-based security and self-protection

“In the world of digital business security considerations should not block the development. If the user organizations would once have understood that it has become possible to have a 100 percent safe environment, they would develop better tools for assessing risks and mitigating risks.”

Gartner Inc., Corporation for IT market research and analysis

This will lead to “security-aware application design”. The future programs need a combination of “runtime Application Self Protection” and context-sensitive access control. This will mean that you will install security directly into the application.

All ways to the digital future always leads over security.

However, security in a digital world of business should not be a hurdle that prevents any development. Companies will increasingly recognize that is not possible to create a secure 100 percent environment. Once companies recognize this, they can use more sophisticated tools for risk assessment and risk minimization.

Application design that pays attention to the security, dynamic and active testing procedures for application security and self-protection of Apps in combination with access control, likewise the attention to the context and are adaptable, are needed in the digital world of today. That will lead to new models in which the security is built directly into the application. Firewalls are no longer enough, each app must even take care of itself and protect itself.