Usability Testing

Usability tests save time and money!

Defective products are not just annoying; in the worst case, they can put a whole company in jeopardy. So tests should not wait till the end of a project but should be integrated firmly into the development process.

The methods which our developers use are always selected on a problem-oriented basis. Selection will depend, among other factors, on the medium which is to be investigated. After all, the requirements which an e-commerce website must fulfil are different from those demanded of an app.


Here too it is necessary to consider the output medium – in the case of mobile devices, for instance, their size.

PlanetCreativ tests in accordance with ISO Norm 9241 and uses various tests:

  • Crowd testing
  • Eye tracking in partnership with universities
  • Thinking aloud tests
  • Remote usability tests
  • Test Driven Developement