Much of what happened yesterday is old today and already familiar

Trends determine the market and reflect the current consciousness of every company. Not every trend is suitable for every product or company, but you must know them if you are to decide this actively.

The following trends are indicated for 2015:
• Flat Design matures to Material Design
• Industry 4.0 – Ready for the Smart Factory?
• Risk-based security and self-protection
• Mobile data acquisition



Flat Design has picked up speed over the past one to two years and will stay with us in 2015 with minimalist forms…


Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 – the high-tech strategy of the federal government is, at least since Hannover Fair in 2011 on everyone’s lips…



In the world of digital business security considerations should not block the development. If the user organizations would once…


Data acquisition

How you use your templates as mobile apps – data acquisition paperless, fast and secure. You travel a lot and want to make your business…