If you want to reach your goal quickly, you must forge straight ahead.
Who does not know them – the software or web portals which just don’t work the way they should? If the design of a user interface doesn’t respond to its users’ expectations, its limits are soon reached. Especially when it comes to digital media, it is elementary to reach the required results as quickly as possible and with a minimum number of clicks. That is why at PlanetCreativ the spotlight is on software ergonomics. It ensures that technical and design requirements are harmonised and the user interface meets today’s standards.


Our formula

  • Software products must be easy to understand, rapidly usable and fit for their purpose!
  • Ease of learning, ease of operation and ease of understanding are created by an easy-to-handle system.
  • A system is personality-forming if it is adapted to the abilities and skills of its user (user model) and satisfies the principles of job design.